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"Rangamati Garden Resort"

Live in Nature...

Every People feel by heart to be with nature they find tranquility and rhythm of life. Unfortunately many of us are deprived from the touch of nature. For the sake of activities related to our business, profession and education, we had to choose urban life where we struggle with air Pollution, intolerable noise, hustle and bustle in our normal life. Over all life become fully a mechanical one. But we need a break to go back to nature to recharge ourselves. Rangamati Garden Resort came up with great facilities, amenities and touch of nature to shower over your desert like life. It is just open to people in an effort to promote natural environment offering them a unique experience.

Our Specialities


Camp fire

Experience the Camp Fire giving light and warmth. Enjoy the breezy night with Songs and Laughter. Friends, Families, Groups can visit our hotel and enjoy the campfire at night.


Baul Gaan

Fulfilling the desire of the visitors traditional gazir gaan, baul gaan, cock fight, bull fight, monkey-dog fight, lathi khela, kabadi, and others miscellaneous village functions are arranged as per pre-order.


Tribal Dance

Tribal dance can be arranged (on request) at the resort itself.Enjoy open air opera of Tribal Dances in ethnic costumes in the Evening amidst lilting earthy tunes and the dazzle of Campfire.


Open-Air Restaurant

Open Air Restaurant adds to the value of staying here.It’s located in open lawns amidst beautiful flowering.The restaurant serves Indian , tandoori, Chinese as well as continental cuisine.